Welcome to Denville Mart!

  • PRIME by Logan Paul x KSI

    Available at Denville Mart: PRIME in many great flavors: Meta Moon, Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape and more!

  • CELSIUS – Fitness Drinks

    Available at Denville Mart: CELSIUS Fitness Drinks in many great flavors: Sparkling Orange, Sparkling Kiwi Guava, Sparkling Grape Rush, Fantasy Vibe, Tropical and more! Come in to browse!

  • MINNOWS & LIVE BAIT! Fishing Season is Here!
    Denville Mart is the place for ALL of your fishing needs! We stock LIVE BAIT including Minnows and Worms, as well as fishing supplies including tackle, rods, hooks, and more! Happy Fishing!
  • Propane

    Denville Mart has the LOWEST price on Propane Tanks in the area! Only $23.99+tax for a Propane exchange!

  • NEW:5 Gallon Poland Spring Water

    We now sell 5 Gallon Poland Spring water! We accept exchanges, as well.

  • Firewood Bundles

    We sell firewood bundles!

  • Coffee Club Card

    Love our freshly brewed Green Mountain coffee? Ask about our coffee club card! Buy 6 cups of coffee, get the 7th free!

  • Children’s Miracle Network
    Denville Mart continues its support of community projects. If you go to Costco in Wharton, you will see our big poster in support of the Children’s Miracle Network.
  • Logic LQD Electronic Cigarettes

    Available at Denville Mart/BP: Logic LQD electronic cigarette.

    The device provides an innovative dual coil and e-liquid delivery system.

    This kit includes one extra atomizer free – LIMITED TIME OFFER!

    Dual-chamber tank system
    Easy fill system featuring fill from the top tank with unique lower coils
    When opening the top to fill, a spring tensioner seals lower chamber to prevent accidental leakage onto user
    Fill from top tank and coils in lower chamber, which eliminates bad taste compared to top wick systems


    Security feature after 10 mins.
    User selected variable voltage

  • Jack Link’s

    Denville Mart/BP is home the best snacks. Come in and sample our many varieties of Jack Links. Whether you’re craving new flavors or just want a tasty treat, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky is the snack you need. Sometimes the same old protein snacks – cough, almonds, cough – leave you in a food rut. Jack Link’s USDA approved meat comes in tons of flavor varieties that leave you satisfied, and never bored.