Seasonal Items

Come In For All Your Seasonal Needs

Fishing Season starts April 6th!!

Denville Mart proudly stocks DMF Bait during fishing season.

We carry a full line of Fishing Equipment such as tackle, wire, hooks,
fishing rods, artificial bait, lures & more!

Summer: Beach & BBQ

Everything you need to spend a day on the beach to a day behind the grill, we’ve got you covered.   From sunblock, charcoal, chips, aloe vera, drinks & soda, lighter fluid and snacks, you can conveniently find it all here.

Don’t forget all those summer road trips, fill up your tank and get all your supplies in one stop
Start your next road trip at Denville Mart 

Winter: Firewood

Keep the fire burning with our bundles of firewood!

Also: Ice Scrapers, Salt, Shovels, Gloves, Hats & More
When it starts to get cold out, come warm up with a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate!