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Our Newest Product: JUUL
We have all the flavors: Tobacco, Mint, Mango,Fruit Medley, and MORE!
Juul Devices & Juul Kits with 4 Pods 

Bo Vapes

logic Products 
Everything you need from E-Cig Devices to all the cartridges and capsules, both disposable and reusable kits are always  in stock.

Markten E-Vapor and All the Flavors 
Grab a device kit and the different flavored refills at our store today.

Blu E-Cig
Disposable, Cartridge Refills & Blu Plus

Vuse Vapor
Vuse Solo Kits & Vuse
Cartridge Flavors Including: Original, Menthol, Crema, Chai, Berry & Mint 

Vuse Vibe

Jak E-Cig 

Vinto Vape

We are the exclusive dealer for this new and high quality alternative to regular tobacco smoking. Vinto Vape electronic cigarettes come in a wide range of options to suit a multitude of preferences which is available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.

True Puff E-Cigs: Hookah & E-Cigars
No Nicotine, No Tobacco