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At Denville Mart, we care about our customers and want to offer the best quality products available. That is why we are proud to sell BP Gas & Diesel.

What is Invigorate?
Invigorate® is BP’s exclusive proprietary detergent additive found in all three grades of BP gasoline with Invigorate®–Regular, Silver (midgrade), and Amoco Ultimate® (premium).
It has 10 times better protection against intake valve deposits than ordinary, minimum-detergency fuels. Keeping intake valves clean is important because dirty deposits from ordinary fuels that form in engines can lead to a variety of problems–hesitation, rough starts, loss in fuel economy, and increased emissions to name a few. BP gasoline with Invigorate® not only helps prevent deposits from forming in the first place, but can even help clean deposits left by minimum detergency fuels –giving drivers more miles with every tank( Source )

BP is a Top Tier Brand
Eight of the world’s top automakers, BMW, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi recognized that the current EPA minimum detergent requirements do not go far enough to ensure optimal engine performance, so they created TOP TIER™ which raised the bar to an additive level that is better suited for vehicle performance.

BP is a registered TOP TIER™ retailer and Amoco Ultimate with Invigorate® goes one step further by surpassing Top Tier treat rate levels. ( Source )


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